Donald Glover x Adidas
Image via SneakerFreaker

Be prepared for a bombardment of music festival Instagram posts because Coachella has arrived. Located in Indio, California, the music and arts festival brings in dozens of chart-topping artists for two weekends in April, leaving fans desperate to attend. As if you weren’t jealous enough that you could not make it to Coachella, apparently Donald Glover, otherwise known as Childish Gambino, was giving away free pairs of his brand new sneakers with Adidas.

It was recently announced that Glover had been working with Adidas and would be releasing a pair of Nizza sneakers with his own twist on them. The creme colored low-tops have a deconstructed, rugged look to them, featuring three white stripes on the sides, along with white and navy shoe laces. A release date was not provided by Adidas, however, this past weekend, there was a miniature release at Coachella, and the sneakers were free of charge.

Adidas x Donald Glover Airdrop
Image via Adidas

While at the festival, Glover was AirDropping random festival-goers a picture of the shoes and a message at the bottom stating, “You have 60 minutes to pick up your free pair, head to the Vintage Market.” Those who actually received the image and decided to click ‘accept’ were then able to claim their shoes at an Adidas booth at the festival. However, before leaving with them, you had to sign a contract saying you would “Wear the shoes, Come to the show, and Keep them on all weekend.” It is unknown whether the AirDropping will continue next weekend at the festival, but those who are there should be ready when “Donald Glover would like to share a photo” pops up on their iPhone. Surprisingly, no pairs have shown up on the reselling market yet, so perhaps people are staying true to their word and actually wearing them, a rare occurrence when people acquire limited edition shoes.

Adidas x Donald Glover Contract
Image via Adidas