Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black on foot

With Yeezys now more available than ever, you can catch a drop of the 500’s, 700’s or 350 V2’s almost every other week. However, you may have trouble purchasing the reflective models that release in much smaller quantities on Yeezy Supply and in select stores. Kanye and Adidas have been experimenting with dropping reflective and non-reflective styles of new 350 V2 colorways. The reflective versions incorporate reflective material in the upper and laces, bouncing back any light that is flashed on them, while the non-reflectives feature such material only in the laces. Yeezy first tried this out on the Statics, followed by the Blacks, and will soon do the same to upcoming colorways, including the Antlias, Lundmarks, and Synths.

This technique is certainly helping to regain hype for Yeezy because sneakerheads love getting their hands on shoes that few people have. The reflective versions are much harder to acquire than the regular colorways, thus making the sneakers more appealing. Due to the limited quantities made available, reflective versions are going for over $1,000, the highest resale prices have been for Yeezys in years.

For last week’s drop of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Black’ (non-reflective), I hopped onto at the drop time on both my phone and iPad, opening multiple tabs in different browsers. I also got in the waiting line for the shoes on I waited for nearly 3 hours before one of the tabs finally let me through and allowed me to add a size 11 pair to my cart. After checking out with the first pair, I continued waiting to see if any of the other tabs would follow suit, but had no extra luck. It is apparent that the shoes are heavily inspired by the Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Pirate Black’, which was actually the first pair of Yeezys I ever had. It is interesting to see the evolution of Yeezy brand by getting to have both pairs in-hand, allowing me to see how the shoes have advanced in both design, material, and technology. Despite differences such as the see-through strip on the side, the new 350 V2 Blacks have an all black upper and red stitching on the heel tab, resembling the original Pirate Blacks. It was difficult to part with them because of their visually appealing colorway and design, but I couldn’t pass up on making almost $200 off them on the resale market.