Supreme Store Sign

Many people would go to great lengths to get their hands on a red and white Supreme box logo. However, recently, it hasn’t been box logo hoodies or tees that London residents have been going after. This particular box logo happens to be the one located over the entrance of the Supreme London shop, which has been stolen and damaged multiple times in the past few weeks. If you have trouble copping from drops during the season, why not just steal the one Supreme item nobody can get: the store-front sign. Back in 2017, someone allegedly stole the NYC shop banner and attempted to sell it for $666, yet it remained unclear whether or not the sign was legitimate. The sign did happen to disappear for a short period of time, which was followed by the listing for sale, yet it would have been extremely hard to actually get the banner without getting caught.

In September of last year, a man attempted to pull down the London sign, and was not only unsuccessful, but he was also caught on camera by security footage. The sign was defaced, and as a result, the manager offered anyone who could give information on the vandal a free box logo crewneck, before they had even released. It is unknown whether or not the man was caught and tried for his criminal actions. Inspired by this previous failure, two guys had the grand idea of stealing the sign to use in a music video. One of them recorded it while the other gracefully jumps off the building and snags the sign down from above him. The two ran off down the street laughing.

The one who actually grabbed the sign seems to have no fear of repercussions because he has posted to social media multiple times with the sign in photos and videos. There have been various rumors going around suggesting that the sign was actually sold for a whopping $18,000. Surprisingly, there has been no word from Supreme on the matter.

Stolen Supreme Sign