You bank account probably cries every week when Thursday comes around, but this week, it was definitely sobbing. For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Supreme and Meissen, a German porcelain company, worked together on a porcelain Cupid figurine that dropped this past week. Meissen has been creating decorative china since the early 1700’s, so it is a bit odd that a streetwear company wanted to collaborate with them; however, it seems there are no limits to what Supreme will put their name on. The luxurious, miniature sculpture is hand-made and hand-painted in Germany, partially justifying the $4,000 price tag of the piece. The figurine displays Cupid on a pedestal putting an arrow through a heart, but most importantly, Cupid is flexing a red and white Supreme box logo tee. Splashes of color along with metallic gold stripes accentuate the otherwise white porcelain.

Supreme typically does one or two big items for each season, such as the Fender guitar, the Stern pinball machine, or the Coleman dirt bike. For the SS19 Season, those two items happen to be the Meissen figurine and a Pearl drum set. With predictions of the Meissen collaboration retailing between $3,000-$4,000, I assumed there was no way a figurine that looks like something you would find on your great aunt’s shelf would actually sell out – but it did. Supreme released a teaser on Monday before the drop and it accumulated a fair amount of hype. The figurine sold out in 30 seconds for Europe and 9 seconds for the US, leading me to believe there were very limited amounts available. It was also available for purchase in stores. It is surprising that all of the stock was sold considering most credit cards have spending limits below $4,000.

For those who did make the risky decision to put up the money, it ended up being a good investment. On StockX, the item has been selling for $5,000-$6,000, and the current lowest ask is for $7,500. Although that’s not as good of a return on your investment compared to other Supreme accessories, the return is in the thousands and not in the tens or hundreds. For collectors who did not resell, they will definitely make their grandmas jealous at Christmas when they come over to visit. One such collector is Eric Whiteback, who has a large following on Instagram where he posts daily outfit pictures with the latest sneakers and streetwear. Eric posted a picture on Thursday holding the figurine off the side of a building with the caption, “100k likes and I will drop it.” Eager to see four grand go down the drain, over 105,000 people liked the post, nearly 5 times the amount of likes he typically gets. It will be interesting to see whether he will stay true to his word, or find a way to get out of smashing the precious accessory.