Adidas Yeezy Countdown Clock

This past Friday, two mysterious countdown clocks appeared on both and with numbers in the typical Yeezy font. Both of these timers were scheduled to end the following morning at 9:00. As more and more people started to come across these two ticking clocks, rumors began to circulate online that Kanye was either going to be releasing an entire new silhouette or be restocking previous releases. When 9:00 rolled around the following morning, I refreshed my tab only to be extremely disappointed: I was in the waiting room for the ‘semi-frozen yellow’ and ‘butter’ colorways of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2s. Before I closed the tab in frustration, however, I noticed the waiting room also had a countdown, indicating the release would only last for an hour and a half. I continued on with my day and checked back a bit later to see they had updated the waiting room for pairs of the Yeezy 500 and 700 in the ‘salt’ colorway. This was just the start of Yeezy Day.

From 9:00 that morning to 11:00 at night, Kanye and Adidas restocked 30 pairs of Yeezy sneakers on the two websites, sometimes with drops going simultaneously and others where they switched between each site. After they started restocking with the semi-frozens and butters, I assumed that the majority of restocks would be unpopular colorways and models; however, a few highly coveted pairs also made their appearances on the sites. Both the ‘Beluga’ and ‘Blue Tint’ colorways of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 were available for a short period of time, along with the ‘Chocolate’ Yeezy Boost 750s. Unfortunately, there was extremely low stock for each of these three pairs because many people reported on social media forums that these models were sold out within a few minutes. In contrast, the majority of restocks were available for the full hour and a half, and in some cases, showed up again on the sites later.

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YEEZY DAY RECAP Which one did you cop ?

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I personally believe that Adidas and Kanye have been intentionally cutting off sales for the for the releases of certain less popular colorways and models to make it appear as if the shoes are selling out, when in reality, there are still hundreds, if not thousands of pairs left in stock. When Yeezys stop selling out and sit on the shelves for too long, consumers will become less interested in the sneakers because they are no longer a commodity that is hard to come by, but something that everyone can get their hands on. Discontinuing the sales makes people think the shoes are both limited and popular, helping to maintain hype around the brand. However, this facade comes at a price for Adidas, because they end up with warehouses full of sneakers that were never sold and are not listed for sale. This scenario resulted in Yeezy Day, an entire day dedicated to making these leftover pairs available.